Sunday, 20 May 2012

Project 365. One photo everyday for a year...

May 20th 
Experimenting with some coloured glass today...

May 19th
Back home from Clare today, a quick nap and then round to Elaine & Conalls to enjoy the last of the sunshine with a bottle of wine. Elaine has been saving this Cuban cigar for a special occasion and what better time than a sunny Saturday night with good company and a BBQ :)

May 18th  
In Co. Clare today for another wedding. We stayed in a little B&B in Doonbeg and having arrived at 11:30pm had no idea what outside looked like. This is what I woke up to, a nice view of open space and in a wee house that brought me right back to my granny and grandas home. Net curtains, plastic mats, cups and saucers and a wireless with breakfast.  

May 17th 
Little Riley. The new addition to the Catch studio :) Isn't he handsome.

May 16th 
Only had 5 minutes to get a quick photo today...Bella peeking through the bush wanting me to chase her :)

May 15th 
A much needed walk to get some fresh air today, I love the light painted on the ground coming through the trees.

May 14th 
This is my old school grounds, all that rubble used to be my school. This is the first time I've seen in day light the result of the last two months of bull dozers and workmen tearing the place down. Some people were happy to see the school gone but I loved it here and don't think it's quite sunk in that its gone and the view in the park in now completely different.

May 13th 
On our drive home from a wee visit to the aunties, Colleen on her mobile. I wonder who has her undivided attention...

May 12th  
A lovely wedding in Portrush ending with everyone letting off coloured lanterns. The reality was not quite as beautiful and the idea, most went up for about 30 seconds, fell swiftly to the ground and then caught fire. The day actually ended with lots of little bonfires on the road below :)